Wellness Wednesday Conductive Hearing Loss

Happy Wednesday!

Continuing from last weeks Wellness Wednesday, we are going to talk about Conductive Hearing Loss.

Conductive Hearing loss is caused when the passage of sound is blocked within the ear canal or the middle ear. Sometimes it can be as simple as earwax blocking the canal, in which case an ear cleaning by a doctor or professional is recommended. In other cases, it can be blocked due to damage of anatomical structures. In most cases, conductive hearing loss is temporary and can be treated!

Symptoms may include: One ear has a easier time hearing that the other, pain and/or pressure in one or both ears, difficulty with telephone calls or a foul odor coming from your ear.

Have you been feeling any of the following symptoms? Did you know we have an Audiologist in our clinic as well? If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, please give us a call to schedule an exam and hearing test with us!

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