Wellness Wednesday Hearing Loss

Another Wellness Wednesday coming your way! Today’s topic is Hearing Loss

Did you know that 1 out of every 8 Americans suffer from hearing loss? Hearing loss is a lot more common than people think!
There are 3 different types of Hearing Loss; Sensorineural, Conductive and Mixed.

Today we are going to talk about Sensorineural Hearing Loss.
Sensorineural Hearing loss is the most common type of hearing loss. It is caused by damage to the little hair like cells within the inner ear, or damage to the auditory nerve.

Typically, this occurs with age or prolonged exposure to loud noises. With Sensorineural hearing loss, it can be very difficult to hear speech or sound, even at a very close distance.

Unfortunately, Sensorineural hearing loss is permanent; in which case a hearing aid or cochlear implant would be recommended.
Common symptoms include: Muffled sound or speech, difficulty following conversations between 2 people, hard time hearing in loud environments, ringing in your ears and dizziness.

If you are feeling any of these symptoms, please give us a call! We would be happy to talk to you about treatment or therapy options!

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