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Enter our clinic virtually, as described below.

Step 1

Less Waiting

You are greeted and taken into a private room.

  • you can preregister so we can collect your information prior to the visit
  • we anticipate any tests needed that can be performed on-site
  • we collect pertinent information and help you avoid excessive paperwork 
  • you relax in a private spa-like room while we verify your information

Step 2

More time with the doctor

Dr. Josh reviews your medical information and results with you.

  • you are assigned a patient care specialist who facilitates your visit
  • you have dedicated time with the doctor
  • we review your treatment plan and explain all costs of the services 
  • we collect an upfront payment, which allows us to spend more time with each patient

Step 3

Same day relief

By the end of your visit you will…

  • have answers to your questions and are offered treatment solutions.
  • we will facilitate any prescriptions or other recommended therapies, future on-site procedures or surgeries
  • be refreshed, feel optimistic, and be energized about your health and your desired quality of life!

More photos of the MN Ear & Sinus Experience!

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