Additional Testimonials


Some of our patients gave feedback on Dr. Josh and the MN Ear & Sinus Experience. 

“Dr. Josh is a great guy! Lots of patience!”

Cindy, 55 Blaine

Absolutely Amazing

“This place is absolutely amazing, Dr. Yorgason has changed the way I live my life! The service from the moment you walk in the door until the moment you leave is outstanding. The vibe is going to change the game Of Minnesota Clinics.”

Rene, 33 St. Paul

Great Experience

What a great experience. The staff was friendly and professional. They greeted me right away and took me into a room with a massage chair and offered me something to drink. They did all the paperwork and exam right there in the room. It was very easy and relaxing. Even scheduling a new appointment they did with me in the room. They explained everything clearly. Very high level of service. Highly recommend.

Angela, 50 Ramsey

Great Attention to Detail

“The care and level of professionalism that is given at Minnesota Ear and Sinus Center is second to none. I know both Dr. Joshua Yorgason and Dr. Joe Neve as a patient and as friends. Their attention to detail when you are in their clinic, is second to none! If you were to do a search for Ear, Nose and throat doctors actually in Blaine, you would find several doctors listed, but they are not even in Blaine! Only Minnesota Ear and Sinus Center. Dr. Yorgason , as well as Dr. Neve, are both far more advanced and skilled in their training and experience than their competitors in the same field. I highly recommend them, along with their caring and professional staff! If you’re looking for doctors who truly care about your well-being and health, make an appointment to see them. You will not be disappointed!!”

Charles, 69 St. Paul

Meniere’s Relief

“When I first received my diagnosis of Meniere’s disease it was overwhelming, to say the least. One of the many difficult components was the component of hearing loss. Within the first year of diagnosis, my hearing loss was significant enough to need hearing aids. Dr. Yorgason recommended that I see Dr. Joe for a consultation. From the first moment that I had hearing aids placed on my ears, I could not believe what I was missing. I knew I was having “a little trouble” hearing, but I had no idea truly how much I was missing. I had no idea what a difference hearing aids would make in my day to day life. The technology available is amazing. I attended a wedding reception, utilized the “restaurant’ setting, and could hear the conversations clearly at the table where I was seated. I no longer feel like I’m missing out on social conversations. When I take them off at night, the silence is now overwhelming. The transition to wearing them was very easy and Dr. Joe has been there to help with any questions or adjustments I’ve needed. I cannot say enough good things about MN Ear and Sinus, Dr. Joe, and Dr. Yorgason, and highly recommend this office and getting hearing aids to anyone who is considering it.”

Joni, 50 New Brighton

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